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Still fighting off flu

August 18, 2008

After spending the day at the doctors and having chest xrays etc, I am now on triple doses of antibiotics in order to be fighting fit to fly on Thursday morningto the writer’s conference in Melbourne. At least we aqre noe fairly sure it isn’t pneumonia, legionnaire’s disease or anything equally nasty. The other two hundred peopel in the room with me will be heartily relieved. It was suggested that I could simply wear a mask but being photographed for my prize on stage just doens’t have the same effect in a white surgical mask. Ah well, tomorrow is another day. Still plenty of time to replace my mobile phone that jsut died, buy some corporate clothes and alter them to fit my odd shape, type up and practise my editor pitch, pack the suitcase….what were all the other urgent things??? And oh yes, I have two days left….easy peasy!

Oh, nearly forgot. Finish organising my 1908 costume for the cocktail party. I think it may be a little chilly in just gloves and headpiece. 

So much for fitting in writing time….need to sleep so I can talk something beside jibberish to editors, agents, authors and other importnat people.


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