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Back from writer’s conference

August 25, 2008

Well, I arrived home from Melbourne last night exhausted, but elated. I placed second in the Emerald contest of the Romance Writers of Australia for unpublisheded full length manuscripts. And then I pitched the book to an editor from New York and she requested the full manuscript and a synopsis to be sent to her to read. So, I now just need to get busy, do a fast revision and send it off. On top of that, another New York editor gave me her card and said to send my erotic historical to her as well and the Harlequin editor from London said they are still wanting short erotic historical stories, immediately, for their new E-line.

Am I going to be busy or what????

I have the stories but all three need revising and editing in some form before I can send them. But the opportunities are too good to miss!! So, it’s head down and bum up for me for the next few weeks and glued to the keyboard. Plus, I still need an agent. I was really, really, hoping that there might have been an offer of representation from the agent in New York who was the final contest judge handed to me in an envelope at the presentation dinner on Saturday night. But that easy option didn’t happen so now I do the hard work and email out my queries and try to find an agent.

Going to a conference like that is an awe inspiring experience. You get to talk to so many great authors, catch up on everyone’s news and do amazing workshops. Whew!

Now, back to work,


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