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So much to learn

January 9, 2009

Do you ever have those days where you think that the more you learn, the more you don’t know?

I keep getting distracted from real writing by all the things an author should also know about marketing, the latest being Twitter. Do you Twitter?

It seems that unless you are following everyone around the world in Twitter you are missing vital up-to-the- minute information. Trouble is, it takes so long to find out how to do all these things, and even longer to do it, that your day is gone and your head is spinning and you can’t comprehend any more information when you finally reach the interesting sites where you are supposed to absorb even more information. 

Or is that just me? Maybe I’m just wearing down already, despite a New Year just getting started.  Even immerising myself in historical romance hasn’t worked this week, as a new release from Harper Collins completely threw me out of the story when in Victorian England the maid brought into the drawing room ‘tea and cookies’ and they sat around admiri the sweets.

  Where was the editor of this one? There were no ‘cookies‘ in Victorian England. Biscuits, cakes, scones, bread and jam etc etc could all be served quite nicley with tea, but not cookies!

Perhaps someone can tell me what year that word started being used in America? Would they have served tea and cookies in 1870?

Oh, well, back to the writing! But I’ll leave you with a little inspiration as I try to learn how to Twittter with the best of them around the world. First it was Web sites, then My Space, Face Book, Blogs, and now I must Twitter! No wonder we are all driven to insanity much, much earlier than our forefathers,

Never talk defeat,

Use words like hope,belief,faith,victory.     From –  Norman Vincent Peale.

Lots of luck with conquering the modern world in 2009,

Suzi Love

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