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Who reads books?

June 22, 2009

Did you see the recent industry figures on who is reading books these days? Very interesting!
But not really a lot there we didn’t already know, was there?

The average book reader last year was 45 years old.
The average book reader now spend 15 hours a week online, more than for TV.
Women comprise 65% of buyers.
31% of all books purchased last year were impulse purchases.
Digital book sales grew 125% last year and represent 1.5% of the trade.
Digital book purchases by those 64 and over rose 183% last year.
48% of e-books are read on computers.
The fiction market is predominantly female.
The one area of fiction in which men predominate is science fiction, where 55% of buyers are male.
41% of people earning more than $100,000 a year buy comics and graphic novels.

Most romance authors are aware that romance sells better than anything else, and that women are the major readers of romance books. And I think anyone who lives in our modern world will also be aware of the fast growing digital realm.

So despite the depressed global economic climate, those of us who write romance can thank our lucky stars that our industry is on the rise and that what we produce is in demand and will continue to be wanted and needed. And as technology grows, so will our markets.
Lucky, lucky us!!
So back to writing so my personal economic climate can grow, hopefully rapidly,
Suzi Love

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