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Washington DC Romance Writers of America conference finished

July 21, 2009

Wow! That week just flew past.
There was so much happening in Washington DC at the romance writer’s conference that the days just became a blur. It was fantastic to get to meeet and talk with so many published authors who are so helpful to others. And meeting all the editors and agents and hear what is happening in the publishing industry is also great. They have so much useful information to pass on, so many helpful hints about submitting and querying, and what sort of manuscripts are beoing sought after and bought at the moment. I learned so much from them all and will be eternally grateful for all the advice.
Managed to have several pitch times due to loads of last minute cancellations by authors who had booked spots with editors or agents.
Now I have to get home and polish up all my submissions before I send anything off. I want to make sure it has all had another final, final, final edit. Not that it means much with me as I am continually thinking of ways, big and small, to change my manuscripts anyway.
The awards ceremony on Saturday night for the Golden Heart and Rita Awards was fantastic with Ann Stuart as compare. Stephanie Laurens won one category out of her 3 nominations so at least the Australian contingent got to cheer loudly once.
And did I mention that I got to meet, be photogrpahed with, have books autographed by, or listen to, such stars as Nora Roberts, who of course writes as J.D.Robb and created my favourite hero of all time- ROARKE!!!! Plus Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Janet Evanovich, Linda Howard, Eloisa James, Joanna Bourne, Delilah Marvelle, Debra Mullins to mention just a few. Plus there were dozens of my favourite historical writers adn I will do a post with photos of all of them. Plus of course all our great Aussie authors, Anne Gracie, Anna Campbell, Christine Wells, Elizabeth Rolls etc etc…
More later…..much much more as I have lots of celebrity spots to brag about and lots of news to pass on,
Suzi Love

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