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Hollywood is hot- and not just temperature wise!

August 3, 2009

Been out star spotting around Hollwood and Beverly Hills for the last few days but must admit, I think there are more tourists out and about in this summer weather than real celebrities. Stilll it makes for interesting viewing and material gathering.
Went to Chateau Marmont, more to enjoy to beautiful old building and 1920’s furniture than to see or be seen. I loved the peace and quiet of the lunching garden and could imagine the stars from the 30’s and 40’s gathering for martinis at dusk and talk over a day’s shooting on set. And they still have the original wall phone in a tiny little booth with photos of the olden day stars who used it.
Does Harrison Ford drive a Lotus? because I’m pretty sure he passed us twice while we waited for a bus. I was tempted to stick a hitch hiking thumb out and ask for a ride. And sure I saw Ron Howard out lunching with a starlett. Unfortunately for all the Keanu Reeves fans, no actual sightings yet, but have admired his gorgeous house- from the outside only. Superheroes congregated together in the same hills as Spiderman and Leonardo di Caprio and several others. Heard that Keanu has been away in Oregon for a few days anyway.
Oh well, back to my fantasies today at Universal Studios. Went to do the walking tour of Paramount Studios yesterday and guess what, the driver dropped us off but neglected to tell us they are closed on weekends. Not Happy! Long hot walk later we caught another bus and still want to go back to Paramount.
Anyone know someone who knows someone who can get us in???? Please???
From a weary traveller still on American soil,
Suzi Love.

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