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Congratulations to a few writing friends

August 8, 2009

There has been so much great news happening recently that I haven’t been able to catch up with congratulating everyone properly.
First, I want to send big cyber hugs to a wonderful critique partner, Cathryn Brunet, for her success in having a short story published in Woman’s Day magazine and for another story going to Samhain Publishing.
Well done, Cath!
Second, congratulations to Joanna Bourne, who I had the privelege of meeting in Washington DC, for winning a Rita with her wonderful second historical, My Lord and Spymaster. I bought both her books in Brenda Novak’s auction and Joanna not only brought them and signed them for me, but presented them to me in beautiful hand made covers from one of her friends. So thanks to a very thoughtful lady, who is also an amzingly talented writer.
Third, I had dinner with another wonderful historical author in Washington, Delilah Marvelle, and she is celebrating joining with a well known New York agent, plus a new three book contract with another publishing house after the release of her second book in her current series. Wonderful news for her!
And of course our very own Australian historical author Stephanie Laurens won a Rita in Washington for her novella, so that too is cause for celebration.
And I’d like to say a big Hello and thanks to Debra Mullins, historical author writing for Avon Books, who I had lunch with and who shared so many helpful insights into the publishing industry.
Plus I had a super productive hour with Laurie McLean from the Larsden Pomada Agency where I also learned the answers to so ,many questions.
Both these meetings were due to Brenda’s wonderful Juvenile Diabetes auction which I can’t praise enough.
So to all these people, thanks for making my last month so very exciting,
Suzi Love

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