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Outback Australian medical services

September 17, 2009


Following on from my last blog about visiting the Birdsville Races in outback Australia, I’d just like to add some things about the wonderful people who devote themselves to saving lives and delivering expert medical care in the bush.

Many towns have the Royal Flying Doctor Service visit on a regular basis for clinics eg in Queensland, the opal mining town of Yowah has a weekly visit as they have no permanent clinic.  Oh, and by the way, Yowah is a hidden treasure if you want to discover the quaintness of the outback, the uniqueness of its tiny towns. Tucked away south of Quilpie, north of Thargominda, and west of Cunnamulla, the people dig for opals and sell them in fascinating shops in front of their houses. Go for a visit!  You’ll be surprised.

Other towns around the west, such as Windorah and Jundah have regular clinic visits from RFDS to supplement their normal clinic hours by providing a doctor, a maternal and child welfare nurse and other specialised services such as podiatry and dentistry.

Money raised from the Birdsville races goes in support of RFDS, and I would urge all of you, no matter where you live, to support them whenever possible because without funds they cannot keep flying. And you just never know, one day it may be you driving along a country road and have a medical problem.

You may have an urgent need for that plane to land on a roadway or airstrip near you.  Be thankful they are available. Give them your support.

Suzi Love

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