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Amanda Quick’s amazing voice

December 19, 2009

While having an office reshuffle, I started rereading some of my favourite books and of course high on that list is Amanda Quick. Her historical romances always have a feisty and intelligent heroine, a capable but frustrated hero, and throws them into unusual places in and around London. Apart from her unique writing voice are her wonderful one word titles eg Affair, Dangerous, Desire, Deception, Mystique.

The perpetual tug of strong wills between the heroine and her sometimes partner and verbal adversary, eg Wicked Widow, keeps you reading to the last page with a sense of  ‘who will win on this page’ ? He or she? In the books they encounter all sorts of  strange mystic groups and beliefs prevalent in Victorian England. All the interesting things like the Arcane Society, Mesmerism, Pleasure gardens, Collectors of artifacts, and followers of old customs.

The author’s voice is so different, so unique, that you can recognise one of her books after half a page. And even though my own writing has bene likened to hers, I fear I’ll never have that unique quality that draws a reader back to her books, time and time again.

Amand Quick’s stories end like any true romance with a happily ever after, although there is a series of 3 books starting with Slightly Shady that contain the same hero and heroine, ( Lavinia Lake and Tobias March) a feat not many authors can manage and still keep the sexual tension high.

So for some wonderful escapism over the holiday season, reread an Amanda Quick.

Go on, you know you want to.


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