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Getting organized for 2010

December 19, 2009

Do you ever get distracted when you start a task?  Do you, like me, end up hopping from one  blog to another when the subject tickles you fancy and you can’t stop laughing at what they say? 

I started reading about how to get more organized in 2010- good idea right!  But then, I did my usual, spent time reading blog posts.

Are you also intrigued by the way other writers work?  Then feel free to follow my journey. And have a laugh along the way.

Agent Nathan Bransford did a “Year in Publishing” post with links:

One link was to Jeff Abbott talking about The Organized Writer: Planner(s) for 2010

Which leads to an article from the Wall Street Journal on how several prominent novelists write their books,

Laura Lippman says she becomes “somewhat obsessive” about her charts.

“Every time I show people these things they seem to find them mildly disturbing.”

I love this!!

Being  ‘somewhat obsessive’  is what makes great writers. We’re all just a little bit looney. And loving it!

Help this gets you decluttered, or, maybe it will create even more head spinning for your new year,


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