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Charity old book sales

April 1, 2010

            Okay, I’m happy to admit to my greatest obsession –

                      I’m addicted to –  local – charity –  old – book – sales.

Luckily for my overflowing bookshelves – whew!  – the best ones

              – Lifeline and Cystic Fibrosis –  only happen twice a year.

They sell wonderful weird and wacky  non-fiction books that people donate when they clean out old houses or many years out-of date ones that the library replaces.

         Occasionally, I even uncover an out-of-print historical romance from one of my favourite authors.   

                 Woo Hoo!!

        Topics I’ve collected range from magic and mystical to historical –

eg For Mystical I’ve found –  Wisdom for witches, How to mix love potions,  Mesmerism, Interpreting Dreams,

eg For Historical I’ve found – Stories of early women train travellers, Capability Brown’s garden designs in Britain, Debrett’s guide to the Peerage and etiquette,  The last two million years

eg For Bits and Pieces I’ve found– The book of lists, Rules my mother taught me, and the most beautifully illustrated book on all aspects of Perfume making and bottles.

eg From our own Australian Romance Writers I found Sherry Anne Jacobs Introduction of Romance Writing    

So I’m going to share lots of fun bits and pieces here with you, and you know me, I love weird and wacky, so I’ll be hunting through the books to find all the strange historical facts and bits of ancient wisdom,

Stay tuned,


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