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Easter rush over- Whew!

April 6, 2010

Having a four day holiday break for Easter is lovely.

       Question–   Why, oh why, do some people go crazy when they have four days vacation?

Our Easter road tolls are always horrifying as drivers rush to get everywhere.

        Question–    Why not go a little slower and arrive safely?

Our shopping centres are crushes of people on the days they are open.

         Question–  Why do we go into a shopping frenzy if denied a few days in the year without trading hours?

Here’s a few words of wisdom for yesteryears we should remember.

         Question–    Do you remember your mother/ grandmother/ aunt/ neighbour  telling you this?

        In regards to driving  

                        – More haste, less speed.

        In regards to clothing

                        – You only need 3 of any item

                                –  One on,  one in the wash,  and one in the drawer for emergencies. 

         Hope your Easter was wonderful,


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