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Wedding customs

April 8, 2010

Many of today’s wedding customs originate from olden day rituals.

The best man –  He was chosen for being the strongest and bravest man who accompanied and protected the groom when he rode off to capture a bride.  

The bride on the left side – This was so that the groom’s right hand was always free to draw his sword if they were attacked during the ceremony by jealous rivals.

The bride’s veil – These days it is only a flimsy piece of lace, but it used to be a large sheet used to wrap over the bride when she was captured and carried away by a groom. Smaller veils then became a symbol of hidden precious goods, and a symbol of complete submission to a husband.

Orange blossoms – White ones worn as a sign of virginity, but as few trees bear greater crops, orange blossoms were also worn as a prayer for the bride to bear fruit in a prolific manner like the tree.

Tying the knot – The wrists of a couple are bound together with a strip of leather or ribbon in handfasting. When their wrists were bound with an infinity knot, the couple recited their vows and the celebration commenced.

More interesting wedding and courting rituals and customs coming later,


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