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Delicious sounding words

April 9, 2010

Some yummy words.

Don’t you just love it when you hear delicious sounding words?

           Ones that roll off your tongue.

                   Here are a few I read recently.

Beneficence  –  active goodness, kindness, or charity

Bouleversement  – Complete overthrow – a reversal –  turning upside down

Caveat   – a warning or admonition – a detail to be taken into consideration

Effulgence –  state of being bright and radiant –  splendor –  brilliance

Evince   – To show in a clear manner – to bring to light

Factotum –  A person employed to do all kinds of work or business

Loquacious –  Very talkative – wordy 

Multifarious  –  Having great diversity or variety- on many sides

Puerile  – Displaying  a lack of maturity –  juvenile  –  childish

                   Try these out – your friends will be impressed,




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