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Interview with author Victoria Black

May 21, 2010

Suzi Love here,

And today I’m thrilled to welcome a very special guest to my blog –  Victoria Black–  whose novella- Lies and Seduction- has just been released through Cobblestone Press.

      She’s going to answer some questions  for me, and then she’ll answer any tricky questions you care to throw at her.  ( Whoops, think I forgot to warn her about that bit though. He He!)  And then Victoria has a question she’d like you to answer, and one lucky commenter will win her prize. How cool is that?

Suzi’s Question – So, Victoria, how long have you been writing?

Victoria’s Answer – I’ve been writing for about six months now.

Q – And how did you get started with your writing?

A –  I’ve always enjoyed writing, although the idea to write something for publication didn’t occur to me until I finished my last contract admin position. The people I worked for were particularly nasty, so I decided to see if it were possible to be my own boss, doing something I enjoyed. Of course, having a husband to support me and having the kids grown up allowed me to try this new venture.

Q – What’s your daily/weekly/ monthly/ writing schedule like?

A – I’m still trying to find what works for me. The computer nags at me every day to write something, though I’m great at avoiding doing actual writing if things aren’t going well. If I’m on a roll, I can get up at three in the morning if I have an idea bugging me.

Q – Are you in any writing groups?

A. Yes, I’m in a great writing group in the city where I live in Australia . We’re all very supportive of each other, and meet up one a month. Last meeting we had champagne to celebrate my story getting published.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your new story with Cobblestone Press? How long it took you to write it etc.

A. The story is an e-novella called Lies and Seduction. It’s set in London, in the early days of the Second World War. The story centres on the hero, an army captain attached to the War Office, being very attracted to the heroine, while believing she may be a German spy. It was the first story I wrote and I submitted it to a short story publisher and it was very promptly rejected. I re-read it a few months later and agreed it was terrible, so I re-wrote the whole thing, which took ages, and submitted again. Cobblestone offered the contract.

Q. Do you have plans for another story soon?

A.  I wrote another novella, a fantasy, shortly after I finished Lies and Seduction. I wrote it for a themed anthology and am waiting to hear back on it. I am also writing another World War Two story at the moment, and writing it is like extracting teeth. I think it’s a great idea, but I’m having trouble with my hero.

          Suzi– Oh, yes, those sexy heroes can get tricky sometimes.

Q. And where can readers buy your story?

A. Readers can buy Lies and Seduction via Cobblestone’s website: Cobblestone Press

Q – Do you have what we now call a ‘social presence’? A web site? Blog? Twitter or Facebook address?

A.  Yep, I have a web site, which I hurriedly set up when I was contracted to Cobblestone – Victoria Black

 Suzi – And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for-  Victoria’s fantastic give-away.  She has a question to ask you, so leave a reply and be in the running to win her prize.

Victoria–  I’m interested to know whether people think it’s worthwhile, sales-wise, to do the Facebook/Twitter etc thing.  I’ll randomly choose the winner of the free book from the replies.

 Suzi – Victoria,  thanks so much for coming by to talk to us, and best of luck with the launch of your novella.

Lies and Seduction

It is 1941 and the second World War is raging. Captain Adrian Carruthers abducts lovely Helen James in the belief she is a German spy. But Helen is no traitor. She wants to fight the enemy by using all the charms of her body. Helen believes she has found her ideal first assignment in the handsome captain. Can she seduce him into telling her all he knows? The last thing she needs is a man who has already learnt a bitter lesson about women who trade their bodies for his country’s secrets.

 The winner of Victoria’s novella will be drawn tomorrow, so please leave your comments and questions.
Suzi here, and I’m thrilled to announce that Victoria has chosen Sandra Harris as the winner of her free novella. Congratulations.
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