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Weird and Wacky Worship

September 25, 2010

Thought it was time for another post from the world of the strange.

Weird and Wacky Worship – Agastopia 

As I’ve said in a previous post about the practice of Theaphilia, I love Erasmus’s book!!!

       Curious Pleasures      – A Gentleman’s Collection of Beastliness

           Being a Narrative of Mankind’s Curious and Carnal deeds and Practices; 

             The Whole Forming a Valuable, Interesting and Constructive Compendium.

                    most painstakingly compiled     by the Rev’d Dr Erasmus St Jude Croom DD     

Quoting from Erasmus –  Agastopia

The practice of limiting the focus of erotic pleasure to a single part of the body rather than the whole.

Author intrusion – Seems like a waste to me! 

Erasmus – Eight common instances are – The virile member- The female receptacle- Breasts- Bellies- Posteriors- Legs- Feet- Hair 

In addition to those, fetishisation of hands, eyes, and mouths is most frequent but at some time every body part has been worhsipped with an almost religious fervour and give rise to the adding of the suffix- adoria with respect to these practices. 

Author intrusion – I adore the example Erasmus gives here of a man who became so fixated watching female eel catchers with their skirts raised above the waterline and only their knees visible, he could only gratify himself by contact with his wife’s knees.  

Makes your own life seem more normal doesn’t it?


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