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Pinkie and The Blue Boy from Austen Authors

October 11, 2010

OOOH! Found another place I desperately want to visit!!!

           The Huntington museum in San Marino, California. 

Fingers crossed for mid 2011  ie.  ‘IF’…  I can save enough pennies to go to the romance writer’s conference in New York  –  Sigh!

I’ve always been intrigued by Thomas Gainsborough’s ‘Blue Boy’, but would really looooove to see Blue Boy side by side with Thomas Lawrence’s ‘Pinkie’.

Read the entire article at Austen Authors Blog – Pinkie and The Blue Boy- By C. Allyn Pierson – It’s rather fascinating.

Do these sorts of museums lure you as well?   I’d spend my days traveling the world seeing them if I could.

This portrait ( Pinkie) by Thomas Lawrence, the foremost Regency portrait painter, is one of the most well-known paintings from the immediate pre-Regency period.

The reason this portrait of a little girl is so famous is because since 1934 it has hung opposite a painting called “The Blue Boy” by Thomas Gainsborough in The Huntington museum in San Marino, California, and the two have come to symbolize the epitome of boy and girl, in spite of the fact that the paintings have no real relationship to each other.

Both paintings were purchased by Henry Huntingdon in the 1920’s were hung together when he built a new wing for his art collection in 1934.
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