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Drawbacks of complete historical accuracy

October 29, 2010

                                         Drawbacks of complete historical accuracy?

 Have your readers/ judges etc commented ‘Regency/ early Victorian heroines’ wouldn’t do that????   

Where should we fudge in historical romances?  Hygiene, or its lack? Absolutely!

This is being discussed at The Season Blog.

I could leap across and kiss her as it  sums up my thoughts exactly!!! 

If we wrote heroines who sat on couches, sipped tea, and discussed the weather for the required fifteen minute visiting times our readers would throw the book at the wall after 5 pages.

Where’s the excitment? Intellectual conversation? I don’t want my sexy hero to fall in love with an inspid heroine. One who is brainless and has no interest beyond strolling the shops in Bond Street. Boring!!

How about you?? When do you think we can fudge historical facts and make our heroines more interesting?

Have you been told- Your heroine can’t do that!??

Beverley says…..  if one was to write a historical correct romance, it would not be as entertaining as the readers would want or come to expect. If we applied the social mores of the time as they were, our heroines would be quite limited in what they could say and do publicly. Like any other genre, our stories are created to entertain. In reality, would Mrs. Marple really find herself involved in quite so many murders? Would Jason Bourne’s life be quite that exciting? Can a normal man really scale a thousand foot stone faced mountain with only his bare hands?

Nope.  So as writers we take fictional liberties when it comes to our characters. Historical romance writers must or else our heroines would be shackled with enough politesse to send readers into a dead coma.

Read more via The Season Blog.


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