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Really Scary: Medicine in the Regency Era

November 1, 2010

         The real horrors of Medicine in the Regency Era is on the Austen Authors Blog.

                  Learn about medicines and vaccination.

 Vaccination for smallpox was developed in the late 1700s by English physician Edward Jenner, who noticed that milkmaids were less susceptible to smallpox, and identified the Vaccinia virus which caused cowpox, closely related to the Variola virus which caused the deadly smallpox infection. Jenner’s method of inoculating healthy people with Vaccinia was embraced by the upper classes and during the Regency Era most gentry and peers and their dependents were vaccinated. Often the lady of the house would herself vaccinate all the servants.

Part II: The real horrors!  By C. Allyn Pierson

via The Austen Authors: Really Scary: Medicine in the Regency Era.

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