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British Soldiers of the Napoleonic War

November 18, 2010

British Soldiers of the Napoleonic War make fascinating reading.

If you want to learn more about them, go to Diane Gaston’s blog post on Harlequin Historicals Group Author Blog

She discusses being a soldier in the British Army and about why they fought war the way they did.


1. Why did they fight in such fancy uniforms? Why the big hats and bright colors? Why the fancy stuff on uniforms, like epaulettes on the shoulders? The big hats and epaulettes were designed to make the soldiers look taller, broader-shouldered, in other words, more formidable to the enemy. Cavalry on both sides had perhaps the fanciest uniforms, bright helmets with huge horsehair plumes, for example, making them look even more frightening when they charge the enemy. Colors of uniforms helped the soldier identify who were his comrades and who were the enemy. During a battle, smoke from musket fire and cannon made it difficult to see. The easier it was to recognize your fellow soldiers, the better.

via British Soldiers of the Napoleonic War | Community.

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