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18th Century Pleasure Gardens

November 20, 2010

                18th Century Pleasure Gardens by Elyse Mady at History Undressed

I love writing my stories about Pleasure Houses.

Love setting my stories in weird and wonderful Places of Pleasure. Gardens, houses, brothels, or anyplace created to entertain people in England during the 18th and 19th centuries.  

I also love the history of Pleasure Gardens, love reading about how and why those gardens were built. 

So naturally Elyse Mady’s post at History Undressed on 18th Century Pleasure Gardens fascinated me.

        Pop over and have a read.


… entertainment was big business in the 18th century. From mechanical clockworks to public assembly rooms like the Pantheon, pleasure gardens like Marylebone and Vauxhall, concerts, plays, spectacles, fireworks, and readings and sermons for the high minded, there was always something to catch the attention of a English person with a few shillings to spare. Fashions changed, new excitements arose, out-of-date ones languished. Yet while London’s pleasure sites were certainly the largest and most diverse …  by the end of the Georgian era, almost every town of a respectable size could boast of being home to events of a similar nature.

via History Undressed.

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