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Feather Christmas Tree

December 9, 2010

As we are well into December, I thought it was time to start my Christmas traditions posts.

The first, a Feather Tree, is from the wonderful Victoriana Magazine.

Feather Tree – A Treasure From the Past – By Gail Giaimo

…  the first artificial Christmas tree and they was originally made in Germany as early as 1845. Like many inventions, the tabletop feather tree came about out of necessity. By the mid-19th century, decorated trees were more popular than ever; however, in Germany deforestation was widespread, especially during the Christmas holiday season. It had become the fashion to chop off the tip off a large Fir tree to use as a Christmas tree; however, this practice prevented the tree from growing taller and thus made it useless as a timber tree. Statutes were enacted to limit people from having more than one tree, hence protecting the forests. With the introduction of the “goosefeather” feather tree, this problem was resolved.

Go here to read more.  Feather Tree | Feather Christmas Tree.

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