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Brand new year of 2011

January 3, 2011

               Welcome to a brand new year of onwards and upwards at Suzi Love.

      As people make resolutions for 2011, I find it easier to list ways to prevent my life – writing and personal-  becoming bogged down, than to make a list of resolutions I might never keep.

Setting goals for each new year is a great idea, especially writing goals, and to do that, I resolve to now lay out a careful and realistic plan for the year. Hopefully, I’ll greet the next year healthy, wise, and if not wealthy, at least able to pay my bills. 

      Here’s my list of ‘what not to do’ to make my goals easier to reach.

                  1. Avoid over-committing myself timewise. 

                  2. Avoid over- exhausting myself physically.   

                  3. Avoid saying an automatic  ‘Yes’ to every request for help from family and friends!   

                  4. Learn to ask for help for myself.   

Sigh!   Not easy for someone who often gets compared to the energizer bunny!!!  

            Or someone often described as hyperactive, crazy, determined, overachieving, ambitious….

            Or someone who’s suffered recent health problems and been told to slow down.  

Ah, well, 2011 shall bring what it brings, and we shall all accept it. Onwards and upwards is again my motto!!!!

           Suzi Love

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