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Garden Seats Regency

January 12, 2011

    I love reading about historical gardens and their creators, especially from the Regency era.

           Have a look and read more at the wonderful Victoriana Magazine,    


Regency Garden Seating….. the business of the landscape gardener was to disencumber his ground of the stone terraces, balustrades, facades, and temples that were in the previous century profusely employed to decorate every garden. Instead, his job was to give strong effect to particular points of view composed of distant scenery and “furnish” this area with rustic seats, bowers, root-houses and heath-houses, and other such small buildings.

The first design shown above is of the pergola or gazebo nature, and the covering is of cloth. The motif on the covering was either woven in the cloth itself or painted upon it. This top apparatus was supported by an iron framing, from which it was farther extended by cords. By preparing sockets in several locations on the grounds, the whole apparatus became portable, and could be removed and fixed in a few minutes. Moreover, in winter it could be put away, as the ribs of the top could be prepared to fold into a small compass, and the covering packed up.

  Garden Seating | Garden Seats.

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