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Floods in Brisbane and Queensland

January 13, 2011

Another heart-breaking day in Australia as a large part of Brisbane, the capital city of the NE state of Queensland remains under water after the Brisbane River burst its banks yesterday. Family and friends have lost everything with only rooftops of houses visible.

More than 75% of Queensland is now a disaster zone. Recovery is a task of post-war proportions.

Freakish weather patterns collided to cause this catastrophe. Seven weeks of record breaking rain caused floods through towns and cities in the north and west of the state, some submerged 3 times in 3 weeks. Water catchments were overwhelmed in the south of the state. On Monday, an ‘inland tsunami’ surged through the center of the mountain city above Brisbane causing a wall of water to sweep down the valley and wash away entire towns.

The army and disaster relief personal have worked tirelessly to evacuate the CBD and suburbs, house and feed evacuees, locate missing persons, and recover bodies.  

Thankfully, Brisbane’s King Tide at 4 am was 1 metre lower than expected. Relief efforts now concentrate on food supplies for isolated areas and restoring commerce and industry around the state after livestock were drowned, market gardens wiped out, and coal mines flooded.

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