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After the flood clean up

January 17, 2011

While Queensland and it’s capital city, Brisbane, still struggle to clean-up the chaos caused by record rainfall and flooding, states in southern Australia are also being swamped with flood waters. After the clean-up, people are left without businesses, homes, or incomes, and it’s time like this the tough get going. And nobody is tougher than Aussies under pressure. Hats off to all our local heroes getting businesses back on their feet today.

During the 1974 floods in the western Queensland town of Dirranbandi, we waded through chest high water for weeks carrying dry clothes in plastic bags on our heads – trying not to think of snakes sharing the water with us – as essential services, eg the hospital, had to continue as normal.  Poor Dirranbandi has been flooded again and may be cut off for another 2 months.

 And yesterday another Queensland friend and author, Helene Young, shared her thoughts here on the devastating aftermath of floods, and how we all need to support our community businesses to help them survive.

 After the clean up by Helene Young 

The pictures of volunteers lining up to help in flood-devastated Brisbane are wonderful and say so much about the generosity of spirit within our communities. RWA has a book appeal running. So many other organisations including ARRA are staging fund-raising events……communities will need support long after the media spotlight has moved on to the next story. I was in South East Queensland during the 74′s stuck, along with my family, on the Gold Coast which was also devastated by the same weather system….. Areas over the border in NSW were also affected as the low pressure system moved south……Several weeks later, after the initial clean-up was over and businesses were starting to re-open, my dad bundled us all into the car and we drove down to Murwillumbah. At the time it seemed like a weird thing to do. We could have had a perfectly good lunch at home rather than a milkshake and toasted sandwich…..  

Read her entire heart warming story here  –  After the clean up » Helene Young.

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