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Marking Time: Royalty, Monks, and Geishas

January 19, 2011

  I adore anything to do with time, or gadgets and what-nots that measure time, and often include them in my historical stories. Sooo… I loved finding a fellow Marking Time lover at this  blog post by Joyce Moore.

         Read here for some of her fun facts…..and then go to her blog post for lots more.


Marking Time: Royalty, Monks, and Geishas.

……In ancient times, sundials displayed the time of day, but because this method needed shadows for time telling, one would have to guess at the hour on cloudy days.

……The earliest indoor timekeeping devices were water clocks and hour glasses, whose function was similar: a controlled amount of substance escaped a container, a measure of the amount released marking the passage of time.

…….With the advent of Christianity, calendars, prominent in monasteries, reminded the monks of Feast Days, of which there were plenty. Church bells wakened the citizens, whereupon they set out for daily tasks. Less important for peasants and commoners during the Middle Ages, timepieces were made with the nobility….

Joyce Moore’s Historical Books Blog: Marking Time: Royalty, Monks, and Geishas.

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