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International help for flood affected Australian communities

January 20, 2011

For all my international friends offering support, or asking for ways to help those devastated by the floods in Australia, here’s a summary of another friend’s post and her list of sites where authors and readers can help.    


 Floods ……Queensland has been inundated by flood waters this week with a terrible human cost …..flood threat has spread through five states including Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania. ……earlier in the week they were comparing the size of the flooding to either the size of Germany and France combined, or greater than the size of Texas, and that is before the flooding spread to the other states.

  …….how can we help?  Within the book community, people are doing their part as well.

  • At the upcoming Australian Romance Readers Convention in Sydney in March 2011 there will be a silent auction allowing delegates to bid on donated items from authors. The organisers have put out a call for donations. There was a similar silent auction at the last ARRC convention which raised around $7500 for bushfire victims.
  • The Romance Writers of Australia have set up the RWA Flooded Communities Book Appeal  asking for donations of books which will be sent to local libraries.
  • Fablecroft Publishing has a limited edition e-book called After the Rainwhich is being sold by donation
  • The Writers Auction 4 Queenslandhas been set up on Facebook.
  • Queensland Writers Centre is setting up Writers on Rafts which is another author auction
  • The team behind 100 Stories for Haiti and 50 Stories for Pakistan are reconvening and looking for submissions to 100 Stories for Queensland – an anthology of short stories with all proceeds going to charity.

Read the entire blog post here- The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader: Sunday Salon: Floods.


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