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Is Pink Necessary?

January 24, 2011

Anyone looking at my…..

Blog, Face Book & Twitter Gravatars, Clothing, Jewellery etc etc …

         will recognise my love of anything PINK

                 So this headline in the NY Times stopped me cold – IS PINK NECESSARY?

Answer- Of course it is!!! Screams every girl from 1- 101!!!

But according to this story MY obsession….oops…EVERY little girl’s obsession with PINK…. was caused by a Disney marketing push in 2000. Wrong! In my case it started much, much earlier. And was fed by my love of PINK in history.

Still, it’s fascinating to learn how today’s little Princesses in Pink are created via this story, actually a book review…

 By ANNIE MURPHY PAUL at…. The “princess phase.” So inevitable is this period in the maturation of girls today that it should qualify as an official developmental stage, worthy of an entry in Leach or Brazelton: first crawling, then walking, then the urgent desire to wear something pink and spark­ly.

And onto her book review of – Book Review – Cinderella Ate My Daughter – By Peggy Orenstein –”>Cinderella Ate My Daughter – By Peggy Orenstein (

Excerpt: … 2000 a Disney executive named Andy Mooney went to check out a “Disney on Ice” show and found himself “surrounded by little girls in princess costumes. Princess costumes that were — horrors! — homemade. How had such a massive branding opportunity been overlooked? The very next day he called together his team and they began working on what would become known in-house as ‘Princess.’ ” Mooney’s revelation yielded a bonanza for the company. There are now more than 26,000 Disney Princess items on the market; in 2009, Princess products generated sales of $4 billion.

Orenstein describes a toy fair, held at the Javits Center in New York, at which the merchandise for girls seems to come in only one color: pink jewelry boxes, pink vanity mirrors, pink telephones, pink hair dryers, pink fur stoles.

Is all this pink really necessary?” Orenstein finally asks a sales rep.

“Only if you want to make money,” he replies.

So what do you think? Is PINK necessary?

            SUZI LOVE who think the world should be painted PINK 

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