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Bookfest- weird and wonderful

February 4, 2011

       Grinning from ear to ear here at Suzi Love!  I spent the day rummaging through thousands of weird and wonderful books.  I absolutely love charity bookfests!

          And my biggest bargain for the day?

              Paid 50 cents for abook about the Beau Monde. Yippee!!!

               “The Young Melbourne and His Marriage to Caroline Lamb” by David Cecil , 1940,  Chiswick Press London.  

Other exciting finds?  Maybe you’ll see the pattern here?  

                Guns 50 cents – A guide on another of my favourite subjects.  

                Tower of London –  $1.00 – Including all the torture chambers, execution spots marked etc

                Four Men Who Robbed the Bank of London – $1.00 – Can’t wait to learn their plan.

                Facts, Wit, and Weird Trivia  from Victorian England– $1.50 

Yes, I admit it! I love books about  robbery, crimes, torture chambers, wild people, and everything weird and wacky.

As well as my piles of non-fiction weirdness,  I chanced upon some elusive, much-searched- for, older  fiction books from some of my favourite authors eg Amanda Quick/ Jayne Ann Krentz,  Jane Feather, Kathleen Woodwiss etc.

           See why I’m so happy? A real old-fashioned bookfest!

                  Off to read and enjoy now,


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