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Second place in Finally A Bride Oklahoma

February 5, 2011

       With all my excitement over winning the STALI contest, plus hurriedly re – editing my ms for the second round of RWAustralia’s full book reader-judged Emerald contest, I forgot to announce I took 2nd place  in the finals of Finally A Bride.

         I was happy- well, more or less- GRIN!  – to see my Beau Monde friend Wendy La Carpa to win the coveted Engraved Silver Cake Slice. If I’m really nice to her- smiling nicely-  she may serve me cake from it when she receives her presentation at the RWAmerica celebrations at their conference in New York in June.

      This contest is for manuscripts which have finalled in, but not won, a RWAmerica contest. Even to make the historical category finals amongst such tough competition was a huge boost and a big honor.


Oklahoma Romance Writers is pleased to announce the winners for the 2010 Finally a Bride Contest…

 Congratulations to all!


 First Place: Lady Vice by Wendy La Capra

 Second Place: Embracing Scandal by Suzi Love

 Third Place: Deceptionby Jennifer Beane

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