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10 Words for Categories of Words

February 7, 2011

I love reading about tricky grammar or weird words or vocabulary tips and Daily Writing Tips has the best.

10 Words for Categories of Words From Daily Writing Tips

Here’s a handy guide to words for classes of words:

Acronym: An abbreviation, pronounced as a word, consisting of the initial letters of a multiword name.

Anepronym: A trademarked brand name now used generically, such as aspirin or kleenex.

Antonym: A word distinguished from another with an opposite meaning, such as large, as compared to small.

Eponym: A proper or common name deriving from another name, as many scientific terms, such as watt (named after James Watt) and volt (from Allesandro Volta).

Heteronym: A word spelled the same way for different meanings, such as wear (to clothe oneself) as opposed to wear (to atrophy).

Homonym: A word pronounced or spelled the same but different in meaning, like hi and high (also called homophones).

Metonym: A term that identifies something by its association.

Pseudonym: A name adopted by an author. Often referred to as a nom de plume (“name of the pen”).

Synonym: A word with the same meaning as another, such as small, as compared to little.

Toponym: A place name, whether it retains capitalization, or is lowercased in generic usage, such as burgundy.

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