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Revisions? When to stop?

February 8, 2011

      How about you? When do you call a halt to revising? Say you’ve finished with edits?

          My biggest writing failing is revising – constantly!  Never satisfied. Always tweaking a chapter, or two.

                 However, this was my evil master plan. Ha Ha Ha!!!

     I decided in order to get the top agent, or top publisher I was aiming for, I’d work hard on my craft, take courses, polish my writing, until several books were of high enough standard to either final, place well, or perhaps even win contests.

    I’ve read Jessica Faust’s and other agent’s advice on revisions, and reassured myself a delay in sending requested submissions, or full requests from partials read in contests, or other online pitches, could be a good thing.  A much better thing.  No point rushing submissions and getting rejections. Perhaps I was simply being cowardly, but now, everything I send will be of a reasonably high standard. I won’t be embarrassed, nor expecting an agent or editor to read a dirty draft.

       So thanks, Jessica, for telling me it’s okay to take my time. To revise. To feel happy with my submissions.

                  Please make room for me now in the world of published historical romance. 

                       Because here I come now!  Woo Hoo  ……..   Suzi Love

Revisions from an Agent

     Jessica Faust-  All too often what happens is the author feels rushed to get the material back to me as quickly as possible because she doesn’t want to lose my interest……When an agent sends you revisions with a request to resubmit….

     I have a few tips: Respond with a thank-you and let the agent know you’re going to take a close look at the revisions and are looking forward to resubmitting.

     BookEnds, LLC, is a literary agency focusing on fiction and nonfiction books for adult audiences. Primary agents include Jessica Faust and Kim Lionetti. via BookEnds, LLC — A Literary Agency: Revisions from an Agent.

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