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Happy Birthday, Regency!

February 10, 2011

Following yesterday’s post about Harlequin’s celebration of the Bicentennial of the Regency Era, the community are also having a Regency birthday party.

Deborah Hale  asks –  So, are you a Regency fan? What is it about the time period that draws you?

                       For me it’s not the fashion or the glamour.

                               It’s the rakes, rascals, and rogues…Sigh!

                                    But then, I’m always drawn to gorgeous men wearing tight pants, 

                                         Enjoy…… Suzi Love

  Happy Birthday, Regency! 

Two hundred years ago this month King George III suffered his second major bout of insanity and his eldest son, The Prince of Wales, was declared Regent to rule in his place. This Regency lasted for nine years, until the King died in 1820. During this period, ladies wore light, diaphanous gowns with empire waists while gentlemen imitated the fashions of arch-dandy Beau Brummell. The Napoleonic Wars came to an end and Jane Austen published her famous novels, marking this brief period in history as one of the most romantic.

This month, several Harlequin Historical authors will be taking part in an on-line celebration of the Regency Bicentennial on the Harlequin Blog. This coming Friday, I’ll be blogging about the Prince Regent’s money pit, the Brighton Pavilion. Other HH authors will be talking about celebrity chefs, men in boots, reasons they love the Regency. There will even be a quiz to test your knowledge of Regency slang. I hope you’ll pop over and join the fun!

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