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The more things change…Regency teenager

February 16, 2011

 Ann Lethbridge, author of The Gamekeeper’s Lady, has a great post on the Harlequin Blog about Princess Charlotte as a teenager in the Regency.

         Here’s an excerpt,


The more things change…  When the Prince of Wales became the Regent of England in 1811, his daughter, Princess Charlotte was what today we would call a teenager. These days, teenagers test their boundaries through fashion and the friends they hang out with.

Believe it or not, it was much the same 200 years ago.

During the early 1800s a new female fashion came into being, underpants, or drawers as they called them. Apparently, Princess Charlotte’s governess did not object to her wearing this newfangled garment, but she did object to the way the Princess flaunted them when she got in and out of carriages and suggested her “drawers were too long”. The Princess, who rather fancied she had nice legs and ankles, scornfully pronounced that Lady Bedford wore hers much longer and had the hems decorated with Brussels lace. In the face of this argument, the governess apparently abandoned her position and gave up. Whether the Princess allowed the shortening of the offending garment subsequently is not recorded. What either lady would think of undergarments today, one can only guess.

The more things change… | Harlequin Blog.

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