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The Penny Post

February 19, 2011

I love all the wonderful things invented and introduced in early Victorian times, and The Penny Post introduced in 1840 by the English Government was the first modern postal system, starting a communication revolution. 

   Enjoy reading about it,


The Penny Post and the Advancement of Human Interaction

 In the early 19th century, receiving a letter was not a frequent occurrence. Unlike today, the receiver of the letter had to cover the costs of sending the letter and many dreaded the knock of the postman.

Rowland Hill, the man who eventually came up with the idea for the Penny Post, was once sent at age 8 to a pawn shop to pay to receive a letter. Many argue this was what led Hill to want to reform the British postal service.

Calls for Reform

Prior to revolutionary reform, for the working class, the cost of a receiving a letter was more than a day’s work. Many lost touch with friends and family over time. The Victorians rallied for uniform penny postage. In 1837, Hill wrote a pamphlet titled “Post Office Reform: Its Importance and Practicability.” Queen Victoria came to the throne the same year and she looked into lowering the cost of postage, which took place in 1840. Many believed in a utopian world that would come about because of cheaper mail. Such ideas moved the British into passing postal reform and quelling fears of revolt.

Read more at Suite101:The Penny Post and the Advancement of Human Interaction.

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