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Victorian Parlour Games

February 21, 2011

It’s no surprise Victorians played games or cards because, after all, they had no TV to entertain them, did they? 

      Their parlor games involved word-play, guessing, or racier fare.

           Enjoy learning about them,


Victorian Parlour Games and Card Games

Today the word “Victorian” brings up images of stiffly corseted women in lace and button shoes and men in suit coats with slicked back hair. Usually they are not smiling. While it may be hard to picture these dour characters as playing games, without internet, television, movies or even radio, games were commonly played in the Victorian era. Many of these games were word games, or guessing games. Quite a few Victorian era parlor games were surprisingly unbuttoned. 

One of the more “racy” guessing games, according to Leigh Anderson, author of The Games Bible was “Squeak, Piggy, Squeak” where blindfolded person is spun around and then must climb onto someone’s lap. The person who is sat upon makes a barnyard sound. The blindfolded player then guesses the identity of the person he is sitting upon. Another game, “Hot Cockles’ involved men kneeling with their faces hidden in ladies laps. Apparently the gent was to be too addled to be able to guess who then slapped his hands which he kept hidden behind his back!

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