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More Fun Historical Trivia

March 5, 2011

More fun bits of historical weird and wacky trivia for you to enjoy,


How fond was Byron of his geese?

Lord Byron had four pet geese that he brought everywhere with him, even to social gatherings. Byron, though considered one of the most dashing and attractive men of his time, was overweight and had a club foot. 


What was the first form of vaccination?

Until recent years, people living in remote areas of Afghanistan and Ethiopia were immunized against smallpox by having dried powdered scabs from victims of the disease blown up their noses. This treatment was invented by a Chinese Buddhist nun in the eleventh century. It is the oldest known form of vaccination.

Was Halley’s comet 1066 appearance a good omen?

In 1066, Halley’s comet appeared shortly before William the Conqueror invaded England. The Norman king took it as a good omen; his battle cry became “A new star, a new king.”

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