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Pearl Necklaces- The Facts

March 11, 2011

Now who doesn’t like pearls? Nobody!

       So here’s your chance to learn more about Pearl Necklaces and their terminology,


Choker: 14″-15″ in length – should nestle around the base of the neck.

Princess: 18″ in length – should fall halfway between choker and matinee length.

Matinee: 22″-23″ in length – should fall to the top of the cleavage.

Opera: 30″-36″ in length – should fall to the breastbone.

Sautoir or Rope: Any pearl necklace longer than opera length.

Dog Collar: Multiple strands of pearls fitting closely around the neck.

Bib: Multiple strands of pearls, each shorter than the one below, nested together in one necklace.

Graduated: A necklace composed of pearls which taper downward in size from large pearls in the center.

Uniform: A necklace which appears to be composed entirely of pearls of the same size.

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