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April 16, 2014



Portrait of Emily Harriet Wellesley-Pole, Lady FitzRoy Somerset
After Sir Thomas Lawrence
Oil on canvas
c. 1810s

Another of the Duke of Wellington’s nieces, Emily (1792-1881) was the daughter of his elder brother William and Katherine Forbes, the daughter of an admiral. 

Emily’s marriage to Wellington’s biggest fanboy and beloved ADC, Lord Fitzroy Somerset (later Lord Raglan), in August 1814, only complicates the Wellesley-Somerset family tree. Fitzroy (1788-1855) was the son of the 5th Duke of Beaufort…. making him the uncle of Henry, Lord Worcester who, just a week previously, had married Georgiana Fitzroy, Emily’s cousin

Shortly after their wedding, Emily and Fitzroy accompanied Wellington back to Paris, where Fitzroy would act as the Duke’s secretary at the Embassy. A musket-ball from around La Haye Sainte lodged in Fitzroy’s elbow towards the end of Waterloo and his arm had to be amputated; from a table in a kitchen where this surgery took place, he cried out to one of the surgeon’s assistants who was disposing of the limb, ‘Hallo! Don’t carry off that arm until you’ve taken off my ring!’ That must have warmed Emily’s heart!

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