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June 29, 2014


You want a history crush? Here’s a doozey of a history crush.

The man pictured is James Holman (15 October 1786 – 29 July 1857) -traveler, naturalist, author, trained physician, Naval Knight of Windsor, Fellow of the Royal Society, and Fellow of the Linnaean Society. Many equally learned men, including Charles Darwin, cite his work as both an inspiration and a source because he had some of the most comprehensive writing about places and things which no one else had ever published at the time. He fought African slave trade and malaria in the 1820s, was captured by the Tsar on suspicions of being a spy, and climbed Vesuvius. He traveled everywhere there was to be, and by the end of his life had walked the equivalent distance of the Earth to the Moon and back again. 

He did all of this after losing his sight as a young man and developing rheumatoid arthritis due to his stint in the Royal Navy. 

If that doesn’t make you swoon, find his biography by Jason Roberts. It’s enough to make anyone’s heart flutter with longing. 

James Holman, I love you forever ❤ 

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