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July 12, 2014


The Third Imperial Egg and Blue Serpent Egg Clock

Carl Fabrege 1887 and 1895

This particular egg (L) was lost for quite some time until 2012. It was recently sold to a third-party private collector via Wartawski Jewelers in 2014. The gg on the right was for a while thought to be 1887 Egg despit it not fitting the description quite close enough. Upon discovery of the Third Imperial egg and it too being identified in an old photograph of Maria Fedorovna’s Fabrege Eggs Fabrege scholars re-evaluated the Blue Serpent Clock Egg as the 1895 egg that was thought missing. The confusion rests on that both are working clocks as their surprises. The 1895 egg (R) is owned by Prince Albert of Monaco and resides there in Monaco. If the egg is from 1895, then it was Nicholas the II’s gift to his mother Maria Feodorvna on Easter. 

Note: The 1886 Egg is missing as are they 1888 and 1889 making the Third Imperial Egg the second oldest Imperial Egg. Fabrege mad another clock egg for the Duchess of Marlborough in 1902. It looks similiar to the Blue Serpent Egg but has a silver base instead. 

Faberge Eggs.

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