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Embracing Scandal : Feature Book at Australian Romance Readers

October 1, 2014

Feature book: Embracing Scandal by Suzi Love Author, an early Victorian historical romance, has been given a wonderful review by Heather at our awesome Australian Romance Readers Association.

Feature book: Embracing Scandal

1 OCTOBER 2014

Embracing ScandalEmbracing Scandal by Suzi Love

He has to be on his best behaviour to ensure his agreement remains intact and he can be rid of her forever.

Cayle St Martin, Duke of Sherwyn, has newly inherited his title and it comes with a lot of baggage. He has an agreement with his stepmother that he will behave himself and she will curb her gambling. His plan is that once the family finances are restored he will send her away, but as with all stories, she is not going to go quietly. Cayle returned from the continent after four years away when he was caught in a scandal and Julia convinced his father he needed to be sent away for the good of the family. Then Cayle finds a woman from his past in his home seeking his help. As the need for the help unfolds, Cayle finds it harder and harder to stay away from Becca and her family.

Lady Rebecca Jamieson is an accomplished woman. However, she is not accomplished in the normal things her fellow woman are. She’s a mathematical and business genius. She has had to resort to finding the information she requires by underhanded means but she has had much success. This success has led to a consortium wanting her information to make themselves all of the money. They are prepared to kidnap and kill to get the information they need and Becca is the target. Becca seeks Cayle’s help to find the ringmaster of the consortium as they only have the outer rings but need the main organiser.

Becca is a strong woman. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is, however, unlucky in love. She was almost ruined by her childhood sweetheart, Cayle, when he was caught in a compromising position with her cousin. She also had a betrothal to another but he jilted her for an heiress. Unfortunately for Becca, Arthur Bennett is still in her life and constantly hounds her to be his mistress.

This is a good story and moves at a pace. The strength of Becca’s character is maintained throughout the story. Although, I would have liked to see her carry out her request to Cayle to marry her.

I like that Cayle, once he is in protector mode, begins his pursuit of Becca and it is not until he is well into the task that he finds he really wants to marry her and not just to protect her. It was also amusing to have his family comment on how he is in love and he tells them it is not so. He doesn’t like being the butt of the family jokes as he has an image to uphold.

I definitely want to follow up with the other sisters who are as unconventional as Becca.

Reviewed by Heather

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