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                                Here are a few of my latest manuscripts. 

         I get excited about different genres and eras and write in a few.  A mix of historicals  – Early Victorian, Regency Noir, Erotica… plus….an outback medical.

                  Though always romance, the language of love…Ah….L’amour!

Embracing Scandal

  • 2010 In final three of Romance Writers of America’s Beaumonde Chapter’s Royal Ascot Contest

  • 2008 Romance Writer’s of Australia Emerald Contest –  2nd Place

An historical romance set in the early reign of Queen Victoria. A lady saves her family from financial ruin by dabbling in the London stock exchange. When a greedy syndicate threatens them, she begs help from a duke, her lifelong friend before a scandal involving her cousin. As the duke and his lady rekindle old passions, he uses old skills as a spy to protect her. Then he must convince her to become his duchess.

Scenting Scandal

  • 2010 Touch of Magic Contest Finalist- being judged now

  • 2010 Romance Writers of New Zealand Great Beginnings Contest finalist

  • 2010 Romance Writer’s of Australia Emerald Contest – Second round

An historical romance set in the early reign of Queen Victoria. The story of the second sister in the family is being written now.

The Viscount’s Pleasure House

  • 2010 Linda Howard Award of Excellence –  Romantic and Sizzling 
  •  – Second place. 
  • 2009 Romance Writer’s of Australia Emerald Contest- Second Round

An erotic story set in England in the risqué early Victorian era. In exchange for information about his mother and sisters, London’s most notorious Viscount allows three respectable women to visit his Pleasure Houses and learn how to please men. Each lady comes to the pleasure gardens a naïve woman, but leaves as knowledgeable as a well schooled courtesan. But the world-weary Viscount falls in love with one of the women and must convince her to stay with him after their visit is over.

Four Times A Virgin

A Regency Noir, a darker historical romance set in London. A tortured duke reunites with a mysterious lady to search for answers from their intertwined pasts and expose those who orchestrated the evil that scarred them both. She’ll do anything to protect her younger sisters from the torments she endured and he’s desperate to make amends. Only then can they become a family with children of their own to love.  

Loving Lady Katharine

A Victorian historical set in the New Hebrides and moving to London. Being written now.

Outback Hospital Pregnancy

  • 2009 Romance Writer’s of Australia Emerald Contest 2nd Round

A contemporary medical set in an outback Australian hospital. A city nurse follows the doctor she loves to the bush town where he manages his family’s cattle properties, determined to prove her love for him. When she discovers she is pregnant her lover cannot accept that the baby could be his, having been lied to by people he trusts. After working together in medical situations, he once again trusts the woman he loves, a dedicated nurse and a passionate partner. He begs forgiveness and asks her to stay and raise their family in the outback.

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