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Book-signing event in Sydney

October 5, 2014

Suzi Love:

The Australian Romance Readers book signing in August in Sydney was amazing. Loved it! Huge thanks to all the organizers.

Originally posted on Australian Romance Readers Association:

prizesOur latest book-signing event, in Sydney on 9 August, was enormous! We took over the entire conference floor of the Pullman Hotel, and had authors spread over three conference rooms, as well as the corridor between. We had authors positioned in just about every nook and cranny!

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Brother Printers we were able to have the souvenir booklet again this year, and we also ran Author Bingo for the first time. This was very popular with both readers and authors, so we had no trouble giving away 10 prize bags. (Yes, 10 of them!)

We were also able to debut our new ‘I Read Romance’ bags, which made perfect prize bags.

signingIn among our 88 signing authors were international guests Cherry Adair, Marie Force, Barbara DeLeo, Dani Collins, Jackie Ashenden, Louisa George, Maisy Yates, Rachael Herron, Sue Mackay and Sarah Wendell.

The authors outdid themselves with…

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Embracing Scandal : Feature Book at Australian Romance Readers

October 1, 2014

Feature book: Embracing Scandal by Suzi Love Author, an early Victorian historical romance, has been given a wonderful review by Heather at our awesome Australian Romance Readers Association.

Feature book: Embracing Scandal

1 OCTOBER 2014

Embracing ScandalEmbracing Scandal by Suzi Love

He has to be on his best behaviour to ensure his agreement remains intact and he can be rid of her forever.

Cayle St Martin, Duke of Sherwyn, has newly inherited his title and it comes with a lot of baggage. He has an agreement with his stepmother that he will behave himself and she will curb her gambling. His plan is that once the family finances are restored he will send her away, but as with all stories, she is not going to go quietly. Cayle returned from the continent after four years away when he was caught in a scandal and Julia convinced his father he needed to be sent away for the good of the family. Then Cayle finds a woman from his past in his home seeking his help. As the need for the help unfolds, Cayle finds it harder and harder to stay away from Becca and her family.

Lady Rebecca Jamieson is an accomplished woman. However, she is not accomplished in the normal things her fellow woman are. She’s a mathematical and business genius. She has had to resort to finding the information she requires by underhanded means but she has had much success. This success has led to a consortium wanting her information to make themselves all of the money. They are prepared to kidnap and kill to get the information they need and Becca is the target. Becca seeks Cayle’s help to find the ringmaster of the consortium as they only have the outer rings but need the main organiser.

Becca is a strong woman. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She is, however, unlucky in love. She was almost ruined by her childhood sweetheart, Cayle, when he was caught in a compromising position with her cousin. She also had a betrothal to another but he jilted her for an heiress. Unfortunately for Becca, Arthur Bennett is still in her life and constantly hounds her to be his mistress.

This is a good story and moves at a pace. The strength of Becca’s character is maintained throughout the story. Although, I would have liked to see her carry out her request to Cayle to marry her.

I like that Cayle, once he is in protector mode, begins his pursuit of Becca and it is not until he is well into the task that he finds he really wants to marry her and not just to protect her. It was also amusing to have his family comment on how he is in love and he tells them it is not so. He doesn’t like being the butt of the family jokes as he has an image to uphold.

I definitely want to follow up with the other sisters who are as unconventional as Becca.

Reviewed by Heather

A Cinderella Moment…

July 11, 2014
Featured Image -- 2940

Suzi Love:

Gorgeous shoes from the collection at Berrington Hall.
‘…I challenge anyone not to be excited, or just a little bit intrigued, by the rows and row of boxes in the Costume Curator’s stores at Berrington Hall.’

Originally posted on The Hidden Wardrobe:

I don’t subscribe to the female stereotype of adoring shoes but I challenge anyone not to be excited, or just a little bit intrigued, by the rows and row of boxes in the Costume Curator’s stores at Berrington Hall.

Women’s shoes in the 18th century were predominantly made of fabric. The material was often patterned dress silk although it was not usual to choose a gown and shoes in matching material. The fabric side straps (called latchets) would be pinned with a metal buckle (of which Charles Paget Wade collected many and I shall be blogging about shortly!).

It’s easy to see how the embellishment of a sparling buckle could enhance any shoe, take these mustard yellow satin shoes from the early 18th century (dated 1730s-50s). They are attention-catching regardless owing to the the popping acid colour that has not diminished in vibrancy over the centuries.

My favourite pair are these…

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Closing the Facebook

July 7, 2014

Suzi Love:

This certainly makes sense to me.

Originally posted on Catherine, Caffeinated:

This summer I’m working on revising and updating my self-publishing ‘how to': Self-Printed: The Sane Person’s Guide to Self-Publishing. Edition #3 is scheduled for release September 5th. When I did the second edition back in 2012, only one year had passed since the first but still, so much had changed. This time around, the entire landscape has changed, and there’s so many new and exciting opportunities for self-publishers to take advantage of. I’ve completely changed my mind about some of my advice, and believe more than ever in the rest of it. One thing hasn’t changed at all though: I still think self-publishing is something every author should be involved in, whether it’s their main career or a sideline, and I still think that with great power comes great responsibility, so you should do it professionally. Over the coming weeks I’ll be writing posts about some issues that…

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Guest blogger: Suzi Love

June 15, 2014

Suzi Love:

Suzi Love is the Guest Blogger at Australian Romance Readers. Woo Hoo!

Originally posted on Australian Romance Readers Association:

Suzi_LoveHi, I’m Suzi Love and I’m a book and history addict.

And to answer your next question, no, I have no intention of finding a cure for my addictions because I enjoy them far too much.

I love doing historical research, in museums, libraries, and old houses preferably and then I love using all the weird and wonderful bits and pieces the I discover in my books. And then, as romance is my second love … ah … L’amor! I’m able to combine both my addictions and write historical romance. Although, because I spend a lot of time in outback Australia, I also like to add a touch of Aussie interest to my romance books.

I’ve found that no matter which eras or which countries I set my books, my characters always end up with some characteristics in common. They are stubborn and loyal people who are determined to survive…

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Spotlight on Suzi

May 14, 2014

Originally posted on LaceyVixen:

Suzi Love writes fabulous sexy and erotic historical novels and we are thrilled to welcome her here today to tell us a bit about herself. 

Suzi Love LogoBIO:

I’m Suzi Love, an Australian author of historical romances set mainly in the late Regency and early Victorian eras, and ranging from sexy to erotic. With a bit of Australia thrown in.

I now live in a sunny part of Australia after spending many years in developing countries in the South Pacific. My greatest loves are traveling, anywhere and everywhere, meeting crazy characters, and visiting the Australian outback. I adore history, especially the many-layered society of the late Regency to early Victorian eras.

My titled heroes and heroines live a privileged life in and around London, but my stories also dig deeper into the grittier and seamier levels of British life. I love heroes and heroines who challenge traditional manners, morals, and occupations, either through…

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Book Release!! Easter in Images by Suzi Love

April 17, 2014

Originally posted on Sultry Scribes:

Book Release!! Woo Hoo!

Easter in Images by Suzi Love

Images of Easter through history, a non-fiction book including artworks, postcards, and Faberge eggs and jewelry. 

Easter In Images

Easter in Images is Book 2 in  Historical Events and is a companion book to History of Christmases Past.  

 Where to buy Easter in Images? 

Amazon USA  –  Australia Australia – Amazon UK

Amazon Canada  –  Amazon France

Extract: History of Easter

Easter is a holiday of the Resurrection of Christ. A major Christian celebration takes place in memory of sufferings, martyr death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Easter Sunday, also called Easter Day, is the day on which this festival is celebrated, between  Good Friday and Easter Monday.

The Dictionary describes Easter as:-An annual Christian festival in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To see more gorgeous images from Easter, take a look at my History…

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